Judicial Cronyism Needs to End

COJ Public Testimony

"Tennessee it's Time for Transparency.
I believe judges should not judge judges & that politicians should not judge judges. The constitution wanted a country 'by the people & for the people' & it's the American People should judge judges. Had 'I not endured 19+ months fighting 'trumped up' charges then the issues I whistle blew about would have been treated with RESPECT & two federal budgets could have NOT included taxdollars that funded 'crony capitalism' the courts are an important part of our society. I want them to be fair"
Sharyn Bovat (pictured with Andrew Breitbart)

September 20th Sharyn Bovat testified at the COJ hearing:  She asks "how could a woman who has never had a criminal record be accused of a 1st time misdemeanor and the court prosecute it for over 18 months"  ...

A woman who whistleblew had endured retaliation from the company she spoke about but also the courts. 
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